Helping youth find meaning in their struggles and joy in their lives


Role Modelling

real stories of overcoming struggle from relatable teens


practice using practical tools for helping self and others


boosting long-term resilience by seeing pain as an opportunity for growth

Student Mental Health Curriculum

Our unique model of mental health training for middle and high school students uses video interviews with teenagers sharing their vulnerable moments and personal stories of overcoming struggle. This encourages all students to face their feelings, take responsibility for their actions, and acknowledge their patterns of harming themselves and others through bullying dynamics, addiction, negative thoughts, and unhelpful behaviour patterns. Our programs change the way young people see themselves, each other, and the world, so that they are empowered to become the most authentic version of themselves and accept the differences of others.

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Teacher & Parent Training

Our Professional Development Teacher Training provides teachers, counsellors, social workers, and school administration with skills for managing personal self-care, burnout, and the pressures of working in a caring role with youth. At the same time, our training provides tools for relating to the mental health, social and emotional well-being, engagement, behaviour concerns, and relational difficulties of adolescents, creating a school climate where self-care is fostered at every level. Our parent training seminars provide insight and guidance for managing the changing needs of adolescents in the home and the myriad of mental health issues that arise at this age.


About Us

Dr Hayley Watson, PhD, MA, MATP, Grad Dip, BA

Dr Hayley Watson, PhD, MA, MATP, Grad Dip, BA

We are a growing team with programs in California, New York, Canada, and Australia. Our founder is Dr Hayley Watson, a clinical psychologist with years of experience working with youth, parents, and teachers. She has been creating and delivering intervention programs for youth and practitioners in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia since 2007. She has completed five degrees from four different countries, focusing on Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, culminating in a PhD on bullying intervention strategies that promote healing, connection, and growth. 


Become a Parachute School

We offer student mental health curriculum, parent seminars, and teacher professional development training, tailoring our programs to meet the needs of each individual school.

We are currently piloting our program in schools across the US, Canada, and Australia. Please contact us to set up a consultation on how our programs may benefit your school.

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