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Over 350,000 students and staff are using and loving Open Parachute!

"This program was really simple to use, and it covered all the core competencies that we needed to cover. It gave me the tools so that I felt more comfortable and confident to tackle these important conversations with my students. The students were able to express their appreciation for each other and they even started apologising for things they realised were hurting others. I’m really looking forward to using the program again next year!"
"We have used the Open Parachute program with both our staff and students. For students, it was so helpful to have something that builds the scope and sequences of the skills needed to be mentally well. And for staff, it is so rare to have time carved out to focus on their own wellbeing, and it was so beneficial to give teachers that time and space. They really found it helpful."
"We were looking for a resource that really works for all of our schools and hits on a multitude of issues rather than having to use a different resource for every issue...We wanted to have a resource that covers the breadth of everything but also the depth as well, which is why we chose Open Parachute...This sort of response and the research behind it is the best resource that we can give to students and families."

Frequently Asked Questions

All plans include phone, email and Live Chat support

Getting started is easy! Once we arrange a call with you to discuss the program, we will send you a login link and you can begin your free trial. Once you decide to go ahead with the program, we will send each of your teachers a login link and they can begin the program in their classes straight away.

Absolutely. The program can be run in person or online. If online, the teacher simply shares their screen and takes students through the content using the chat function or having students discuss the topics out loud. For schools where students are learning independently, we also have the option of a parent logging into the platform and running through the program with their child. We recommend that there is always someone facilitating the learning so that students can get the most out of the discussions and skill-building exercises.

The program contains a series of videos and resources that provide teachers with an in-depth understanding of the program, how to effectively deliver it, adn how to support wellbeing in themselves and their students. This program also has a unique model where professional development occurs in the classroom alongside student learning. As they take their students through our courses, teachers have a chance to practice the skills their students are learning in real life scenarios. This helps them truly connect to their students so they can get the most out of them both personally and academically, resulting in a deeper sense of job satisfaction. 

Parents are provided with videos and detailed mental health information that accompany the lessons their child is engaged in. These offer strategies for reinforcing mental health learning at home and boosting the wellbeing and resilience of their child. Parents are able to access these resources anytime, and the modules can also be delivered in a group setting facilitated by a staff member or a PAC/community leader. 

Yes! The program was built upon the bullying intervention research of Dr Hayley Watson at Macquarie University. Columbia University Teachers’ College is our research partner, and is engaged in ongoing validation of our programs. 

We know that every school curriculum is set up differently, and every population has slightly different needs, so our programs are flexible to suit your schedule. There are between 5-7 topic areas for each grade level, and each topic area can be run over 2-5 classes, depending on the depth of discussion that the topic generates in students. Teachers can elect to cover more or less of the content based on the needs of their students, and the space they have available in their classes.

We have different programs across the grade levels, K to 12. In each program we cover a variety of topics based on the maturity level of students. Our topics include bullying, trauma, mental health, peer struggles, body image, social media, addiction, sexual consent, grief/loss, abuse, depression, anxiety, identity, and racism/prejudice. Here is an in-depth overview of the programs offered in your area. 

We have mapped the program to core CASEL SEL competencies, and can be delivered in Health Classes, Homeroom Classes, or any other class that suits the needs/schedules of each school/District.

Our program builds the following core psychological skills: 

  • Resilience in the face of adversity
  • Cognitive shifting & creative/critical thinking
  • Empowerment & personal awareness/accountability  
  • Empathy for others & social responsibility
  • Inclusion & respect of differences
  • Self-esteem/positive personal & cultural identity
  • Interpersonal skills & healthy relationship engagement
  • Positive behavior & self-care
  • Boundaries & safety

Absolutely! The program was developed from the bullying intervention research of our founder, Dr Hayley Watson, which revealed that a culture of empathy, emotional awareness, and perspective shifting creates school environments where students feel safe and their relationships flourish.

We work with Public School Districts, Provincial/State Governments, Catholic Archdiocese, Christian School Networks, Independent School Networks, Alternative Education Schools, Independent Schools, Jewish Schools, and Non-Denominational Schools. Our programs are being run in schools across the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Pakistan. We are currently supporting over 250,000 students.

We have programs for K to 12, with unique programming for different countries.

The program is priced on a per student basis, with discounts for larger schools/districts. Our aim is to make our programs as widely accessible as possible to all populations. Please contact us for a quote.

Definitely! We have developed our content to meet the newest curriculum requirements of each jurisdiction where our programs operate, and we are constantly progressing to meet the changing demands placed on schools. We pride ourselves on creating tailored programming for our clients, so if there is a curriculum requirement that you need addressed, please let us know!

There are no hidden fees or additional costs. We work with you to find a pricing plan that suits your school or District, and there are no additional charges associated with delivering the program.

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