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Dr. Daniel To – District Principal

Surrey School District

“We were looking for a resource that really works for all of our schools and hits on a multitude of issues rather than a different resource for every issue…We want to have a resource that covers the breadth of everything but also the depth as well, which is why we chose Open Parachute…This sort of response and the research behind it is the best resource that we can give to students and families.”

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Samantha Dunlop – Teacher

Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary

“Since we finished the program we’ve noticed that students are starting to problem solve on their own…and when there’s disputes in the classroom or on the playground we come back together as a group and watch the video again so we can revisit the issue…we really can dive deeper into these challenges because the kids all have a common language now.”

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Craig ODell – Athletic Director

Hope Lutheran Christian School

This program was really simple to use, and it covered all the core competencies that we needed to cover. It gave me the tools so that I felt more comfortable and confident to tackle these important conversations with my students. The students were able to express their appreciation for each other and they even started apologising for things they realised were hurting others. I’m really looking forward to using the program again next year!

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