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Dr Hayley Watson

Hi I’m Dr Watson. As a clinical psychologist with 5 degrees and 15 years of experience building well-being programs for schools, I have worked with more school leaders than I can count.

Running research projects in schools, and delivering school well-being programming myself for the past two decades, I also know firsthand how challenging it can be to establish and maintain well-being programs.

Let’s just say this, when you know how to support your staff and students, it’s hard not to have a thriving school community that is striving to reach their goals.

Testimonial Mental Health K-12 School
"Our classrooms are buzzing about Open Parachute. Students eagerly participate in the Open Parachute lessons and ask to continue with lessons even when the class is over. Students recognize themselves in the youths featured in the videos, which makes the content more relatable. As a parent, I have been able to take what I have learned from the Open Parachute lessons to interact with my own children. I feel like I can competently and confidently respond to the challenges my children are facing in their lives right now."

Well-being should be a right not a privilege. Every student deserves to learn skills that will help them reach their fullest potential.

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We can help your teachers develop skills to support students in the classroom

In 2021, we have helped over 600+ schools improve their well-being and…

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In the past year we have worked with over 200 school leaders to help them improve the well-being of their teachers, students, and entire school community.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

"We used the teacher well-being program during our monthly staff meetings and it was such a great way to connect with each other and have open conversations about what we're all struggling with especially given the year that we gave teachers the permission to share about their mental health in a safe environment and learn from each other, and it was beautiful!"
"This program was really simple to use, and it covered all the core competencies that we needed to cover. It gave me the tools so that I felt more comfortable and confident to tackle these important conversations with my students. The students were able to express their appreciation for each other and they even started apologising for things they realised were hurting others. I’m really looking forward to using the program again next year! "
"We were looking for a resource that really works for all of our schools and hits on a multitude of issues rather than a different resource for every issue...We want to have a resource that covers the breadth of everything but also the depth as well, which is why we chose Open Parachute...This sort of response and the research behind it is the best resource that we can give to students and families."
"Since we finished the program we've noticed that students are starting to problem solve on their own...and when there’s disputes in the classroom or on the playground we come back together as a group and watch the video again so we can revisit the issue...we really can dive deeper into these challenges because the kids all have a common language now."
“I was knocked over by a hug at the end of the year from a grade 11 student in my Career Life program...he was so thankful that he had this outlet that allowed him to be a leader in our school...and he wanted to let me know what a great thing the Open parachute Program was for him. That's probably the thing that I'm most proud of!”
"We have used the Open Parachute program with both our staff and students. For students, it was so helpful to have something that builds the scope and sequences of the skills needed to be mentally well. And for staff, it is so rare to have time carved out to focus on their own wellbeing, and it was so beneficial to give teachers that time and space. They really found it helpful."

Go "all in" on well-being in your
School District!

We can help your teachers develop skills to support students in the classroom.

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Dr. Hayley Watson
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