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Practical videos that will teach you skills for supporting yourself as a teacher, and managing the mental health of your students.

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MELBOURNE EMOTIONAL Well-being Teacher Training

Oct 9, 2019 9am-3:30pm, Mercer House, East Melbourne

This in-depth training on classroom well-being is hosted by the Centre for Strategic Education. You will be given tools for managing your own stress and preventing burnout, as well as addressing all forms of student mental health and behaviour concerns.


Don’t see a training that works for you?

No problem! We run trainings all over the world, and can come to your area. Register your interest below!


in our trainings, You will learn:

  • Practical strategies for taking care of your own mental well-being and preventing burnout, stress, and exhaustion

  • Skills for noticing mental health issues that present themselves in students

  • When and how to refer students for psychological intervention

  • How to create a dynamic in your classrooms that encourages respect and engagement


you will walk away with Practical skills for managing:

  • Disengaged/disruptive students

  • Students that are too hard on themselves

  • Cruel/unkind interactions between students

  • Students who avoid assignments/tests

  • Parents asking you to make special allowances for their child

  • Students with diagnosed mental health concerns


trainings are led by Dr Hayley Watson

Hayley is a clinical psychologist with a PhD in bullying interventions. Hayley has been developing and delivering youth and practitioner intervention programs for the past 15 years in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. She has recently developed a cutting-edge video-based mental health curriculum which is running in schools across North America and Australia, and she also hosts teacher trainings all over the world.



“Dr Hayley Watson is very approachable, non-judgemental, and highly knowledgeable…This is a must do course!” 

“That was a brilliant day. Thank you so much! Not only did we get so much out of it, but we also felt better about ourselves and what we do.”

“You made the day an incredible one. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to learn so much and become better teachers, and people.”

“Thank you so much for spreading your wisdom. I have continued today to talk so highly about your training. The idea of cohesion between bullies and victims and not labelling them as such... this is impressive to me and such a life changer! You made the presentation material very understandable to all. I will definitely use what I learned from you.”

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all trainings are NESA Endorsed

You will receive professional development training hours for attending.