This program is comprised of 8 lessons delivered by teachers to their students through an online platform. Each lesson contains video-based interviews of real teens sharing their stories of mental health struggle, followed by skills-building partner exercises, class discussions, and journaling. Teachers facilitate these lessons, and engage in mental health learning alongside their students. We tailor our program to fit the needs of each individual school. Please contact us for a quote.


Open Parachute is built on the strength of peer-based learning. Watching teens talk about their struggles decreases stigma and encourages honest communication and reflection. This in turn builds resilience by changing self-defeating thought patterns, and increasing empathy and emotional processing tools. Here is a snapshot of the production style of our video-based learning.


Our curriculum covers the topics of self-esteem, trauma, abuse, bullying, friendship difficulties, eating & body image issues, depression, self-harm, loss, and grief.

Teacher training

Teachers are provided with an initial program delivery training session; short audio recordings which accompany each lesson; and access to in-depth material relating to mental health in teens. A one-day training on all aspects of mental health and bullying is also available for schools that wish to up-skill their entire teaching team. 

parent learning

Online videos are emailed to parents prior to each lesson. This empowers them with knowledge about the issues explored in class, and practical psychological tools for reinforcing this learning at home.

Why Students Like it

Teenagers engage with this content because it is presented in a way that is relatable and interesting to them. The videos show real accounts of young people who have overcome mental health struggles, and give students a practical understanding of how they can empower themselves in their own lives regardless of what they are facing. The program also fosters true connection between students, creating a sense of community and support that makes their entire school experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

How it was Developed

This program was created in research collaboration with Columbia University in New York, and is currently being run in schools in New York, Canada, and Australia. It is a built upon Dr Hayley Watson’s PhD research on bullying interventions and 15 years of direct experience working with youth and developing programs in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. 



We offer student mental health curriculum, which includes tools for parents and professional development training for teachers, tailoring our programs to meet the needs of each individual school.

Our program is currently running in schools across the US, Canada, and Australia. Please contact us to set up a consultation on how our programs may benefit your school.

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