“I would sometimes go through low points mentally but was always too scared to talk to a Doctor about it. With Hayley's help I did eventually meet with a therapist, it was really helpful to speak to someone with experience who could tell me if what I was feeling was normal…I wouldn't be as happy and as mentally stable I am today without the help I received from Hayley.” - Allie, student

“Hayley has helped me overcome all my issues with her great ideas. She is the best!” - Anthony, student

teachers & Staff

“Thank you so much for spreading your wisdom. I have continued today to talk so highly about your training. The idea of cohesion between bullies and victims and not labelling them as such... this is impressive to me and such a life changer! You made the presentation material very understandable to all. I will definitely utilize what I learned from you.” - Teacher Training Participant 

“Hayley had the trust of the students and made them feel safe like family. I truly am thankful Hayley was there to start and create such an exciting programme, and that she was always thinking of ways to improve the service. Hayley always got the best out of the students as she always saw the best in them, her passion and drive was the catalyst in making this programme a success.” - Carlton Cameron, Program Manager

 “Thank you for your presentation today! My team is really excited to share this information with our staff!” - Teacher Training Participant


“Dr Hayley has an incredible way of communicating what goes on in our minds in a simple, digestible way for young people to understand and implement into their own lives. Not only does she understand how the brain works, she is using her knowledge to make a difference in the lives of many. She is an absolute delight and world changer!” - Jules Sebastian, Founder, the Sebastian Foundation 

“Dr Hayley shared her knowledge and wisdom speaking about Mental Health and how the brain functions in an engaging way and equipping the girls with tips and tools to use in everyday life. She has a wealth of knowledge and such a zest for life, I can't wait to see what her next venture is!” - Teigan Nash, TV Presenter/Ambassador

“Dr Hayley made it cool to know how our brain really works...Hayley not only met our expectations… she blew them out of the water! She had girls of all ages hanging on to her every word, she normalised mental health, and made it a safe place for the girls to open up and share with one another. We love Dr Hayley!” - Olivia Phyland, TV presenter



We offer student mental health curriculum, parent seminars, and teacher professional development training, tailoring our programs to meet the needs of each individual school.

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