Open Parachute programs are grounded in cutting-edge, evidence-based research on bullying interventions, mental health, and youth engagement. We are in research partnership with Columbia University in New York, and are continually engaged in the ongoing validation of our programs.


teacher feedback

Initial findings from our Pilot Programs that have been run in New York, Canada, and Australia include teacher responses indicating: Increased reported connection to students; Higher confidence in relating to mental health in young people; And more job satisfaction based on an awareness that they are making a genuine difference in the lives of their students.

“Content was pitched to the right level, my students responded well to the genuine nature of the videos displaying real and varied issues. One comment was of surprise, they were not expecting to enjoy the session as much as they thought they would, based on previous experience. I mean no disrespect to any of the previous programs they have undertaken…but the Open Parachute lesson was not surface layer, it got straight down to the main issue and was based in reality.”

- Open Parachute Teacher


columbia university research partnership

Columbia University in New York is currently engaged in a full validation of our Open Parachute programs, stay tuned and contact us if you would like to hear about the detailed results!

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student & parent feedback

Feedback from students and parents participating in our Pilot Programs in Canada, Australia, and New York include: Increased understanding of mental health issues; Increased compassion for self and others; And enthusiasm to engage in this learning based on the accessibility of the video-based program delivery.

“I have consulted many psychologists to improve my parenting skills and have done several parenting courses. This course it quite extraordinary in that it goes to the heart of how teenagers feel and provides practical strategies for parents that have never been recommended to be before…It is a must do course for all parents of tweens, adolescents and older teens”

- Open Parachute Parent Training Participant



We offer student mental health curriculum, which includes tools for parents and professional development training for teachers, tailoring our programs to meet the needs of each individual school.

Our program is currently running in schools across the US, Canada, and Australia. Please contact us to set up a consultation on how our programs may benefit your school.

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