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Program Details:

The Open Parachute Curriculum Program is comprised of 8 lessons that include videos, partner exercises, class discussions, and self-reflection journalling exercises. There are also optional group assignments that explore each topic area more deeply, turning this program into a 16-session curriculum for interested schools.

The program material is delivered in an online format, and is designed so that any teacher can facilitate it in class, with no prior mental health training or experience necessary other than our initial 1.5 hour facilitation training. Teachers are provided with short audio recordings prior to each class session that prepare them to lead the discussions, and have access to in-depth material on youth mental health if they wish to learn more. Clinical supervision is also provided to teachers throughout the duration of the program, should they have any queries or concerns.


Our programs are validated with pre and post outcomes surveys. Our data reveals an increase in student self-compassion, and a decrease in bullying, victimisation, and internalising behaviours (precursors to serious mental health issues).

Students report:

“I liked the stories that were told by all the people that suffered from mental health and how they overcame it…it gives a sense of hope for anyone suffering from this”

“I learned how to maintain better mental health and I've been enjoying life a lot more”

“I think everyone should take this program at least once a year because it is good to know what you can do to help yourself or others”

Teachers report:

“The Open Parachute lesson was not surface layer, it got straight down to the main issue and was based in reality. My students were surprised by how much they enjoyed it!”

“My students were more engaged, their grades improved, and this program literally saved a student's life!"


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For Parents:

Videos are also provided that are sent home to parents coinciding with each in-class session. These videos provide an overview of the material that children are learning in class, the rationale behind the delivery of these lessons, and practical skills and tools for boosting their child’s mental health at home.