Looking for resources to help you relate to your ever-changing child?

If your child’s school is participating in the Open Parachute Program, you will receive 8 videos with helpful tips and tools for all the issues faced by teens. More information for parents can be also be found on our blog. Please let us know below if you would like to request private online or in-person parenting consultations with Dr Hayley Watson.



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Dr Hayley Watson (PhD, MA, MATP, Grad Dip, BA)

Dr Hayley Watson (PhD, MA, MATP, Grad Dip, BA)

Hayley is a clinical psychologist with a PhD in bullying interventions. She has been working with youth, parents, and families for the past 15 years, using holistic modalities as well as evidence-based psychological interventions. She has recently developed a mental health curriculum program that is running in schools across North America and Australia, and she hosts parent and teacher trainings all over the world. She is delighted to offer online or in-person consultations that provide parents with specific information, strategies, and tools to help them manage behaviour and emotional concerns in their children.